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>This year’s gathering of Black Methodists for Church Renewal in Los Angeles has been inspiring and hopeful. Here are a few highlights (quotes paraphrased as best I can remember):

We founded the Black Alliance for Just Immigration because we believe that the black voice must be heard on this issue. Go down to the U.S. / Mexican border and touch the 30 foot wall being built by Blackwater and don’t think it is a coincidence that this is the same company building the wall in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians. Don’t look now, but they will be doing more building in the continental U.S. – building prisons to house young black males. – Rev. Phillip Lawson

I am 94. Don’t give me any credit, I just walked into it. Try it. Just try it some time. Keep walking. … It is time for people in the church to get up off their seats and do something. Don’t just talk about it. Do it. Keep walking … – Dr. Ernest Smith

Every church has at least two families in their membership: the “Tates” and the “Tations.” The Tates include: limitate, frustrate, imitate, agitate and her twin sister aggravate … the Tations include devastation, temptation, documentation, regulation. – Rev. Henry Masters

The opposite of slavery is not freedom – it is community. … You have to be free to live in and for community. – Phil Lawson

To see a web album with more photos, click here.

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