>I have been enjoying the writing of Jasan Byassee these days, especially his recent addition to the editorial staff of The Christian Century. His words are often challenging, insightful, disturbing – and always interesting – whether he is writing an op-ed, reporting a piece of news, or explicating an important theological or ecclesial truth.

Here is an opinion piece titled “Liberal Literalists”
that I just ran across at sojo.net that is worth reading for at least two reasons: (1) The way it seeks to challenge theological pigeon holing (Liberal vs. Conservative – In the words of Jonathan Marlowe, the “yuck, yuck” of so much of current Christian discourse these days.) and (2) Because it brings Scripture to bear on the current immigration debate.

I can’t help but wonder if we could get beyond the “yuck, yuck” (at least on the immigration issue) if the church just took Jason’s advice to welcome and defend the alien in our midst merely on grounds of church growth. 🙂

Hat tip: Jonathan Marlowe

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