>Many of you know that I used to write a column for the NC Christian Advocate, a joint publication of the North Carolina and Western NC Annual Conferences. For various reasons, most of them fiscal, that joint publication is no more. The NC Annual Conference is currently printing a paper that is news only, no columns, op-eds, words from the bishop, or commentary (snore …no offense to my good friend Bill Norton who has too much on his plate anyway).

An alternative, for those looking for one, is the national publication called the UM Reporter which has both a print and an online version. The online version, called the UM Reporter Intereactive was “begun in February 1996, as an electronic periodical containing the best material from The United Methodist Reporter.”

Here are the links to the UMR site and the United Methodiist Reporter Interactive. To subsribe to this publication and receive it weekly, click here.

The most recent edition has a version of one of my blog posts on “Another one Bites the Dust.”