Why “Left Behind” should be left behind.

What’s wrong here?
If you don’t know, then I would recommend some reading. The first book is one of my former professors at Duke Divinity School named Dr. Mickey Efrid. He is Biblical scholar who spends a good deal of energy seeking to debunk “Darbyist” readings of Scripture. Don’t know what a “Darbyist” is? Then you may need to check out his book. If you own a Scofield Bible, you may also discover why that may be something to remedy (Scofield Study Bibles promote a dispensationalist interpretation of Scripture that is not biblical).

A second text I discovered is at Cokesbury.com entitled “Why Left Behind should be left behind.” I haven’t read it, but I do like the title and agree with the sentiment.

Both book covers can be clicked on for links to websites for more info.