About me and this Blog

Welcome to my personal blog.

I love theology, life, writing … and the three things often intersect on this blog. I am not sure where I first heard it, but I have never forgotten the quote: “Give me anything and I can tell you about God.” I like that.  It doesn’t matter what it is – movies, pop culture, politics, the church, music, motorcycles, basketball, the beach, the mountains, war, hunger, love, forgiveness, or people and personalities – it is all raw material for reflection on the mystery and majesty of God.

If you want to know more formal stuff about me, head over to my profile on LinkedIn.com

You can also connect with me on facebook here

If you are looking for a really interesting blog from someone who does this kind of thing much better than I do, you should probably visit my wife’s food blog here. She loves to cook which works out well, because one of my special skills is eating. In addition, I am the proud father of three adult children: Sarah, Zachary, and Rachel.


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