Race and Reconciliation Resources

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>Why blog? Not sure I know the answer to this – but at least one reason I decided to start was to share reading lists with friends. When I was first sent to Durham to help found a new, intentionally multicultural and multiracial congregation, these were some of the resources I turned to that dealt specfically with race and reconciliation (some more helpful than others). The list is a little dated, but still worth sharing. Feel free to comment to this post with newer books and resources you have read.

Multicultural Bibliography

All God’s Children: A Biblical Critique of Racism; Steven L. McKenzie, Westminster JohnKnox Press, 1997.

Beyond Black and White: Reflections on Racial Reconciliation; George A. Yancey, Baker Books, 1996.

Colors Come from God … Just like Me! a children’s book by Carolyn A. Forche, Abingdon Press, 1995.

Crossing the Racial Divide: America’s Struggle for justice and reconciliation. A Study Guide; from the editors of Sojourners; Sojourners Resource Center, 2401 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 (1-800-714-7474)

Dismantling Racism: The Continuing Challenge to White America; Joseph Barndt, Augsburg Press, 1991.

Embracing Diversity: Leadership in Multicultural Congregations; Charles R. Foster, An Alban Institute Publication, 1997.

More than Equals: Racial Healing for the Sake of the Gospel; Spencer Perkins and Chris Rice; Intervarsity Press, 1993 and 2000 (revised).

Praising God in Black and White: Unity and Diversity in Christian Worship; Brenda Eatman Aghahowa; United Church Press, 1996.

Prophesy Deliverance! an Afro-American Revolutionary Christianity; Cornel West, The Westminster Press, 1982.

Reconciliation: Our Greatest Challenge – Our Only Hope; Curtiss Paul DeYoung; Judson Press, 1997.

Separate No More: Understanding and Developing Racial Reconciliation in Your Church; Norman Anthony Peart, Baker Books, 2000.

We are the Church Together: Cultural Diversity in Congregational Life; Charles R. Foster and Theodore Brelsford, Trinity Press International, 1996.

Worship Across Cultures: A Handbook; Kathy Black, Abingdon Press, 1998.

What Color is Your God? Multicultural Education in the Church; James and Lillian Breckenridge, James and Lillian Breckenridge, A Bridgepoint Book, 1995.


  1. >Kevin,I have suddenly found myself blessed with “free time” (whoa! what’s that?!?!). I’d love to make a dent in this bibliography… where do you suggest that I start?Missing you all and Reconciliation UMC already,Jen Stallings

  2. >Jen, Go ahead and list away. I meant to give a few words about each book but haven’t had time to do that yet – but that might be helpful also.For example, here are some I have read this year that pertain to Leadership and Discipleship (a class I assisted with at Duke Divinity School):”Resurrecting Excellence” by Greg Jones and Kevin Armstrong”The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (again, but always a good read)”Good to Great” by Jim Collins (and the supplement that pertains more directly to non-profits)”Leadership without Easy Answers” by Ronald A. Heifetz.”Life on the Vine: Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit in Christian Community” by Phillip Kenneson”Generous Orthodoxy” by Brian McLaren”Reclaiming the Great Commission” by by Bishop Claude Payne and Hamilton Beazley Peace,Kevin

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