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>The News and Observer has recently run two articles on blogging that are worth checking out. Yonat Shimron wrote Blessed be the Bloggers: For they shall influence church policy and politics (Friday, June 23) and Flo Johnston wrote about this blog in Christian Convos flourish as pastor begins his blog: Reconciliation UMC reverend finds new voice via the Internet. (Saturday, June 24)

Flo was extremely generous, and I am appreciative of her work in the Durham community over the years. She was formerly the religion editor for the Herald-Sun and is now writing for the News and Observer. Glad her voice and pen (keyboard) are still around the community.

On another note, please comment to this post if you have a topic or issue that you would like addressed on this blog – and may all of us seek to “go deeper” in the the way we think theologically and biblically about the world around us.

P.S. Some of you have asked about commenting to a post. Simply click the comment link at the bottom of the post you want to reply to. On the comment page, type your message. Make sure to click “other” as your identity (if you don’t have a blogging account) so you can leave your name. You will also need to type the displayed letters into the word verification box (this feature helps avoid spam posts). Please avoid profanity or personal attack (good debate is welcome). If you would like to email a post to someone, you may click the letter with the arrow.

If you are interested in knowing when there are new posts to this blog or other blogs that you read regularly, there is another option (other than just coming back and checking). You can go to Bloglines and set up an account which will notify you each time something new is posted.

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