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>I wrote this poem for my wife on September 2, 2006. She gave me permission to share it here.

Words …
I use them every day
They are a part of my vocation
A world of prose, poetry, and wit
sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying

Words …
Unfortunately I have used them as weapons
“friendly fire” against those I love the most
carelessly flung or aimlessly repeated
hurting, maiming, trapping me and my intended target

Words …
I turn to them now hoping to use them again
to heal, to encourage, to support, to love
tools for a relationship that can endure trials
keys to unlocking deep feelings I fail to articulate enough

Words …
don’t fail me now …
“I love you …I cherish you … I adore you”
“I love the Word who taught me how to love you”
“The Incarnate one who models words well chosen”

Words …
The ones you have heard before, and the ones I fail to say
The ones that point to a wordless place in my heart
a deep place of longing to protect … to help …to serve
to communicate my undying commitment as your lover and friend.

Words …
“I take you from this day forward”
“to love and to cherish”
“in sickness and in health”
“as long as we both shall live”
“till death to us part”

Words I still mean. Words I still say. Words I still live,
God being my helper.

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