Christmas Peace, Joy and Forgiveness … dismissed so soon?

> In light of today’s news about Saddam Hussein’s demise, some may feel like celebrating. Pardon me if I recuse myself from personal signs of exuberance, whether subtle or grandiose. I can still vividly remember the sickening celebrations in the street that accompanied Ted Bundy’s execution in Florida. I wondered then, as I do now, what has become of a world that can rejoice at such violence.

Does this photo from Iraqi television look familiar to anyone? A human being in the clutches of people wearing masks and performing an execution before the watching world? Could the irony be any more pronounced? Here is the great “war on terror” in bold relief, and for all intents and purposes, it looks and smells like a continued assault on peace, civility, and sanity. Does anyone feel safer? Then by all means, break out the bubbly even if it is a day before New Year’s Eve.

Blood. It continues to be spilled by the “good” and the “bad.” One day, all motives, fears, frailties, lusts, and vengeful longings will be exposed and brought into the light of day. On that day, will our political soundbites and eloquent justifications save us? On that day, who can stand?

Just yesterday I picked up a book of poems by Wendell Berry that expressed my personal sentiment today better than I can:

A Small Theology
“With God all things are possible” –
that’s the beginning and the end
of theology. If all things are possible,
nothing is impossible.
Why do the godly then
keep slinging out their nooses?



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2 responses to “Christmas Peace, Joy and Forgiveness … dismissed so soon?”

  1. christopher Avatar

    >Whereas I don’t draw much distinction between Saddam’s execution and Jesus’, I do see Saddam’s as a media-fiasco. I posted on this as well at

  2. Tangela Avatar

    >I feel the same way you do on this. I see that you are correct on the celebration of such violance as most of us did see it on the news with the rest of the world. You pretty much said what I would have said. Good post.<3 Tangela

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