I grew up loving the Dallas Cowboys. It seemed that everyone in Oklahoma shared this passion for the boys with the classic “hitch” (set and reset) before each ball snap. This year’s team could not best NE, but they are 8 and 1, which at least makes me sit up a little.

A little internet research revealed that this the eighth time in franchise history that Dallas has started a season at 8-1. The Cowboys made the playoffs in each of those seasons and won the Super Bowl after three of those seasons. Here they are:

1969: Finished 11-2-1 but lost in the playoffs.
1976: Finished 11-3 but lost in the playoffs.
1977: Finished 12-2 and won Super Bowl XII.
1983: Finished 12-4 but lost in the playoffs.
1992: Finished 13-3 and won Super Bowl XXVII.
1994: Finished 12-4 but lost in the NFC Championship Game.
1995: Finished 12-4 and won Super Bowl XXX.