1. >Kevin:Actually, I think the answer is quite simple. When it comes to politics, we connect character and competence to whether or not we agree with a person’s views on the issues. This also means that those who support the politics of a candidate are more willing to overlook the faux paus and gaffes, while those who do not will highlight her or his missteps.Since your politics do not apparently reflect those of the President, you can’t figure out why he would be so admired. Yet, there are politicians who you, no doubt, admire that others would be ust as baffled as to why you do, because they think their politics are just plain wrong.I remember years ago, when I was the pastor of another church (during an election year), I was making the rounds visiting tables at a fellowship dinner one evening. I sat in on a conversation of committed republicans who were talking about how they could not understand why any committed Christian would vote for a Democrat. A few minutes later at another table, several Democrats were having the same conversation basically wondering why committed believers could vote Republican.I wanted to suggest to both tables that they get together and have that same conversation.This, of course, does not answer the larger questions of who is right, who is wrong (I doubt it is that easy), but we do tend to connect questions of character, integrity, and competence as to whether or not someone agrees with us.What the implications are of that, I do not know, but we do need to work through it; so your raising of the question is important. It would be nice to see others respond to your post in order to get a good conversation going.

  2. >Allan,I fully understand your point, but guess that I have had too many conversations from Bush supporters both times around that are disenchanted, disappointed, and frustrated with what has happened under his watch. I am sure my limited conversations are not scientific in the least, but it does make one wonder where the people live who think this has been the best two-term president around – especially given the %(whatever that is) of his constituency that he had to go to extremes to lose.

  3. >Too many Christians worship Nationalism rather then loving God and neighbor..they claim to love God but then they turn away from advocating for the needy by being instruments of change. The present U.S. administration gave tax breaks to the richest and cut funding to the poorest, placed increased burdens on the working class, stalled and dismantled present environmental laws, thus causing more disease and human suffering, lied about the need for a war and killed and maimed thousands upon thousands of civilians and shows virutally almost NO humility in his actions. These are not fruits of the Holy Spirit. This is not mere politics. Many people are not concerned about Republican vs Democrat but they are concerned about the health care, environment, and economy..and don’t agree with tax cuts to the wealthiest. Any Christian who votes because they are party affiliated is blinded by their allegiance to their God’s rather then the one true God who commands us to love God and our neighbor with all our hearts.

  4. >Kevin:Of course, you are right, and there needs to be conversation about what is actually right and wrong in reference to politics, foreign policy, the economy, etc.As far as where people live in reference to their politics and support for this or that candidate no matter what, it is certainly complicated, but I suppose that there are some on both sides of the aisle, who are so partisan, which also means they are so anti the other party, that it is impossible to seriously critique the politicians they have supported. I suppose they are content to go down with the ship.

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