Join other UM in saying “No” to Torture

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It should be obvious, but in case it isn’t, United Methodists state in our 2004 Book of Discipline:

“… the mistreatment or torture of persons by governments for any purpose violates Christian teaching and must be condemned and/or opposed by Christians and churches wherever and whenever it occurs.

Take two minutes to sign the online pledge here. I think it actually took me less. To read one of my previous posts on this subject, click here. (Hat tip: Jonathan)

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  1. >Thanks for doing this, Kevin. I’m glad to see the United Methodist taking a stand on this issue.It’s pretty sad that the US should even be debating the issue of torture right now. It should go without saying that our country abides by Geneva Convention and does not support torture. Unfortunately, that’s not the situation right now and the faith community needs to speak out.

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