>Most CC readers are aware that I pastor at Reconciliation United Methodist Church. I am privileged to work with Rev. Dr. Edgardo Colón-Emeric, our Pastor of Spanish Language and Outreach Ministries who has been a vital part of our congregation for years. As of last year, he is now also the Assistant Research Professor of Theology and Hispanic Studies at Duke Divinity School.

This past Sunday he preached on the texts for the Third Sunday of Easter. Since Sunday, there has been a substantial amount of “buzz” about his sermon and the implications for Christian living.

I found myself wondering again about the “context” of sermons. Readers of this blog should know that this sermon was delivered in both Spanish and English to a very diverse congregation that includes African Americans, Anglos, Latinos (both documented and undocumented) and others (with approximately 10 nationalities in all). Any number of lines or excerpts of this sermon could be pulled out for “sound-bites” that might well anger others. Since there is no video, I doubt any of it will show up on YouTube, which is probably a good thing!

I have enjoyed the reflection, questions, and further biblical study that has been the fruit of subsequent discussion. Instead of posting the full text directly into the blog, I have made a link here for those who wish to read the translated version.