Encuentro 2008

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Tomorrow, at around 4:30 am, I will be headed to Mexico with 10 others, including Pastor Edgardo Colon-Emeric (Theology Professor at Duke and Director of Hispanic House of Studies), Rev. Gray Southern (Durham District Superintendent), and Cookie Santiago (Current Director of Hispanic Ministries, the NC Annual Conference).

The 10 day trip, May 22-31, is intended to help us “encounter” Mexico, Mexican culture and traditions, and Mexican Christianity, particularly Methodism. Here is an outline of the itinerary:

  1. Thursday, May 22 (Travel and Mexico City) / Staying at Seminario Dr. Gonzalo Baez Camargo
  2. Friday, May 23 (Seminary and Ancient Mexico: Mexico City) / Intro to Ancient Mexico: Teotihuacan
  3. Saturday, May 24 (Roman Catholic Mexico: Mexico City) / Intro to La Guadalupana with Pbro. Jorge Ochoa Longi / La Basilica de la Virgen / El Zocalo
  4. Sunday, May 25 (Methodism in Mexico City and Environs)
  5. Monday, May 26 (Travel / Methodism in the Provinces) Depart Mexico City for Chilpancingo
  6. Tuesday, May 27 (Huitzapula) / small, rural mission in the mountains
  7. Wednesday, May 28 (Huitzapula) / Mission work day
  8. Thursday, May 29 (Travel from Huitzapula to Acapulco) / Staying at Hotel Ritz / preparing for Sabbath rest on Friday
  9. Friday, May 30 (Sabbath Day in Acapulco after difficult travel and conditions)
  10. Saturday, May 31 (Return to the US) Arriving late in RDU / around 11:02 PM

For RUMC folk reading this blog, Pastor Sue will be available for pastoral emergencies. Unfortunately, I will have no cell phone access and probably very limited access to the internet. If I do get a moment to drop into an internet cafe, I will try to post updates. Your prayers are welcome, as I will pray for friends in Durham and the larger blogosphere.

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