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>Welcome to Christian Conversations! My name is G. Kevin Baker, and this blog is devoted to theological reflection on life and ministry. I am a pastor, writer, father of three, and committed follower of Jesus Christ.

The water image in the header is meant to be a reminder to all who comment or post here – that our lives and our conversations – indeed, our primary identity as believers is grounded in baptism.

Here is an excerpt from a sermon on baptism that may help frame our baptismal family conversations:

Baptism is the source of the Christian’s true identity; the only “vital records” really necessary in this world – better than any birth certificate, far superior to a any nine-digit social security number is the three word claim that can never be revoked, lost, or erased – CHILD OF GOD –revealing our primary identity not as a Brown, or a Baker, or a Johnson, or a Lopez – but first and foremost as a beloved child of God, a member of God’s family; as one claimed by God, birthed out of love, forgiven out of mercy, and transformed by grace.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to join the conversation in the comments.

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  1. >Hey just wanted to welcome you to the CC Blogs network. Hope that you will join in on the conversations and that we can join in on the conversation going on here.

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