Where ignorance abounds …

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>… silence may be the best response. But perhaps I did feel compelled to post at least this much – in case some are under the mistaken conviction that we now live in a post-racial America.

With regards to things like this (from a display case at a Barnes and Noble in Florida)

Or these “drunken negro face” cookies baked in honor of the Obama presidency

or of course, this now infamous cartoon

I have to agree with what my friend Carl has already posted.

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  1. >I enjoy reading this blog as it gives me insight into a world I have no connection to. When I read this post, my immediate thought was “On a daily or weekly basis, I do not see or interact with anyone who is not white, middle class, Christian” Boy, is my world small, I really need to expand my worldview. Then it hit me! My son’s best friend for the last three years is not white, both his parents have advanced degrees (she has three masters!), and I’m not sure of their religious affiliation. However, this is the only friend whose house he visits, I sometimes stay and socialize while the kids play. I just don’t think of them as being racially different – and according to our Racial Sensitivity training here in Western PA — that is a problem in that we probably have a different world view and I need to be aware of that fact. (This doesn’t quite express what I intended)

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