Quote of the Day: Why Movies are not Sacraments

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The movies are perfect as a Gnostic medium because they beam ideas to our mind. Our bodies are occupied, hopefully by comfortable bucket seats, fresh popcorn, and maybe a hand held in another’s. But that’s just to keep us comfortable for two hours of brain work. I’ve seen plenty of people give their lives for others on screen – Jesus a dozen or so times, plenty of soldiers, gobs of parents and friends. But I’ve never seen someone in a movie theater give their life for an actual, flesh-and-blood human being. Augustine, after he became a priest, marvels at the fleshly nature of his good work: “I think upon the price of my redemption, and I eat it and drink it, and distribute it. In my poverty I desire to be satisfied from it together with those who ‘eat and are satisfied.’ (Ps. 61:5) ‘And they shall praise the Lord you seek him’ (Ps 21:27).” Movies are amazing, marvels, even miracles. But God’s church, where God meets us in judgment and grace: that really where the action is.
– “God Does Not Entertain” by Jason Byassee; chapter in Latham’s edited book: “God does not …”

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