>So I am wondering if it might be better for me to spend money sending my oldest to school with Stephen Colbert, at least for her undergrad course in New Testament. My daughter was actually home for Easter weekend, so we got to watch this together on TV. I just had to post it again – it was even funnier the second time.

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Since this feels like a bit of a “blog roast” – I also recommend reading this – Bishop Willimon’s recent review of Ehrman’s book: “God’s Problem: How the Bible fails to answer our most important question – Why we suffer.” It is scathing – but also quite humorous – and I thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

I had heard someone say that Bart starts so many of his books with stories about his mother and his frustrating fundamentalist background that a regualar Ehrman reader would likely come to hate his mother as much as he did before they would ever be convinced by his dated historical-critical analysis of Scripture.

In terms of my daughter’s class at UNC, I fear that Ehrman is so caught up in his own narrative drama against Christianity that he fails to realize there is little or no faith in his classrooms to debunk. For many of my daughter’s peers, this may be the first and last time they pick up a Bible – and if there is interest in Ehrman’s project, for most of them I would guess it to be only a passing interest.