Advent – giving up and taking on

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>Advent, like Lent, can be a season for taking some things on and giving some things up. As for giving up, I am going to try and recover the discipline of fasting twice a week. It is something I did for years, but have recently gotten out of the habit of doing. Perhaps the over indulgence of the recent Thanksgiving feast has heightened my sense that I need to eat less and pray more?

As for taking something on – for the month of December I will be “Blogging toward Sunday” over at the Christian Century’s blog: Theolog. I thought it would be a good way to get a jump on the lectionary readings for Advent and Christmas, and prod me to immerse myself in these Scriptures early and often.

Please take a moment and drop by Theolog and make sure to post any comments, feedback, or responses you may have. My first post for the month can be found here.

May the hope, joy, and peace of Christ be with you this holy Advent Season.

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