Easter Good News that goes literally Everywhere

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Throughout the season of Lent, Reconciliation UMC uses different musical settings and sung responses for Holy Communion that have been adapted from Mil Voces #87. The memorial acclamation (or second sung response) we have used for this season is:

Christ has died and descended to hell, but now he is risen, soon he’ll come again.

Cristo ha muerto;  ha bajado al Seol; ha resucitado y pronto vendrá.

For all six Sundays in Lent, we have been reminded in the Great Thanksgiving Prayer of just how far Christ went to free us from the “law of sin and death.” It seems that others throughout our Methodist connection have been reflecting on the same truth, as evidenced by this UMNC (United Methodist News Service) article by Heather Hahn titled: “Did Jesus descend to hell or the the dead?”

For those who missed my sermon series on The Apostle’s Creed two years ago, here is also the sermon I preached on “He descended into hell.”

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