“Oh no, it’s communion Sunday”

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Have you ever heard about some Christians who like to “sit out” on communion Sunday? I am not sure where (or why) this odd and disturbing practice originated, but in a few simple lines, let me share some quick reasons why you shouldn’t miss any chance to join Jesus at his table:

 You shouldn’t miss a communion Sunday if …

• You like eating with Jesus …
• You feel unworthy to receive …
• You experience spiritual hunger …
• You desire renewed intimacy with God …
• You feel the need for communion with other Christians …


• … Jesus wants to eat with you
• … all of us are unworthy and in need of God’s grace
• … this meal offers grace that satisfies hungry hearts
• … nothing is more intimate than table fellowship w/Jesus
• … nothing binds us together more than sharing Christ’s Body and Blood at the Lord’s Table.


Interested in some more provocative thoughts about Communion? I have more! Did you know that …

  1. World Communion for most Christians is technically every Sunday, since every Lord’s Day worship since the early church was a service of Word and Table?
  2. The most recent study of Holy Communion by The United Methodist Church, titled This Holy Mystery, urges local churches to return to a more biblical, weekly observance, stating: “congregations of The United Methodist Church are encouraged to move toward a richer sacramental life, including weekly celebration of the Lord’s upper at the services on the Lord’s Day, as advocated by the general orders of Sunday worship in The United Methodist Hymnal and The United Methodist Book of Worship.
  3. John Wesley also sought to confront common objections to what what he described as “The Duty of Constant Communion” in his sermon by the same title?
  4. That John’s Wesley’s response to “unworthiness” was (in so many words) … “And?” Well, what he actually wrote was: “The case is this: God offers you one of the greatest mercies on this side heaven, and commands you to accept it. Why do not you accept this mercy, in obedience to his command? You say, “I am unworthy to receive it.” And what then? You are unworthy to receive any mercy from God. But is that a reason for refusing all mercy? God offers you a pardon for all your sins. You are unworthy of it, it is sure, and he knows it; but since he is pleased to offer it nevertheless, will not you accept of it? He offers to deliver your soul from death: You are unworthy to live; but will you therefore refuse life? He offers to endue your soul with new strength; because you are unworthy of it, will you deny to take it? What can God himself do for us farther, if we refuse his mercy because we are unworthy of it?”

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  1. At the beginning of the year I felt the need to share in communion every Sunday, and I have essentially done that by attending 5 churches. At Thanksgiving I felt moved to pare that down to two, the Moravian Fellowship and the Episcopal church– I feel that is a good balance. I did not have to decide among the three UMC churches I have been associated with and I feel like I am going back to my Wesleyan roots (sort of). My main criticism of United Methodists is that we are not good at the “we” part, we tend to think “I”.

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