Rainy day blogging

ImageSo today my wife encouraged me to dust off the ole blog and give it a bit of a face-lift. Guess that means I might need to start blogging again since the posts have been few and far between these past few years.

I think maybe I should just let my wife start taking the blog pictures for me, since she is getting better and better at this stuff each day. She took this picture today off the back deck of our loft. Nice, right?

For those who don’t know, she writes a food blog titled “Around the World in 365: Food and Culture.”

Yes, she is quite the cook (not the baker … her last name not withstanding!). Of course it all works out pretty well because one of my special skills is eating. The only problem is that we now have to both do a “prayer and a pic” over all of our meals.

Prayer comes naturally, we have never eaten without “saying grace,” though I have to admit, Denise’s comprehensive prayers over a meal (that incorporate everything she is thankful for and everything that needs special intercession for the day) are now rivaled in length only by her comprehensive photo sessions for our uneaten, ready to be devoured food.

The end result is usually worth the wait, but I will say that I hope the photo shoots get shorter as she continues to learn the “ins and outs” of lighting, shutter speed, f-stop, apertures, and last but not least – hungry husband.





2 responses to “Rainy day blogging”

  1. cgparkin Avatar

    Welcome back (and great pic). I recognise those “fallow” periods with blogging!

  2. Jamie Ricks Avatar
    Jamie Ricks

    BEAUTIFUL PICTURE! wasn’t so beautiful out my window today in West Burlington.

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