Immigration and Race are Spiritual Issues

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>History has a way of repeating itself, especially when we pay little attention to the lessons of those who have preceded us. I am convinced that such is the case with the current fight over immigration in North Carolina. For those who want to know a little more, I recommend this article called Lifting the Veil on the Immigration Debate by Chris Fitzsimon. I found it both informative and challenging, particularly to those of who seek to be in ministry with persons of “all ages, nations, and races.” (wonder where that language comes from? anyone want to venture a guess?)

I also am convinced that those who are committed to black/white racial reconciliation and healing in this country cannot turn a blind eye to latest versions of racism that seek to include recently arrived immigrants, people of middle eastern descent, and now after the Virginia Tech shooting, a resurgent animosity towards Asians. Such behavior is predictable primarily because sin is predictable. It is just high time the church named it as such, renounced it publicly and in our personal and corporate prayers of confession, and sought to collectively witness to a different reality in our churches and our communities.

We should also hold our elected leaders accountable for positions that they take on this important issue and encourage them not to take the broad road that is currently crowded with overeager policy makers and elected officials, but the narrow path of righteousness and justice that is disappearing from sight from its underuse.

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