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>Friends, I finally decided to come up for air and click a few keys to let the blogsphere know that I am still kicking. Don’t really have time for a lenghty post now, but here are a few highlights to mention:

  • Jen Stallings is now in Uganda and has set up a blog site to keep people informed of her ministry there over the summer. Make sure to drop by and comment her page if you get a chance.
  • Christine Piggee, our VIM missionary to Brazil, is still blogging her experiences in mission as well. Drop by and give her some encouragement. She will be visiting back in the States on July 1, and will be presenting at RUMC that Sunday. Make sure and catch up on her blog entries so you can asked informed questions!
  • Our first ever Sojourner’s “Watch Party” on candidates for President discussing issues of faith was held this past Monday. We posted the event on the Sojourner’s website and had 4-5 churches of differing denominations attend. I must confess, it was quite refreshing to have faith be the main theme for an entire interview, rather than a 20 second soundbite. I am looking forward to the next one when Republican candidates will get their chance to do the same.
  • Annual Conference is quickly approaching (June 13-16) and all speculation suggests it will be an entertaining one (election years always are). Wednesday night will be the ordination service; Thursday night will be a bilingual worship service highlighting Hispanic ministry (yours truly playing the congas); and Friday is some preaching you won’t want to miss – Rev. Vance Ross. I am looking forward to seeing colleagues, friends, and doing the regular conference catch up in the hallways.
  • My oldest graduates on Friday at noon at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Guess Dad is getting old – but I am walking tall these days and I have noticed myself sticking my chest out a little further than usual lately. Guess that also goes with the territory.

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