>Ok, so I am out of shape and needing to do better. I love basketball, but am out with a bum ankle for at least two more weeks. I despise running; occasionally bike; and have gotten out of the habit of regular workouts (no current gym membership).

I have, however, always liked doing push-ups, though I am sorely out of practice. So, I am jumping on the “100 push-up workout” bandwagon and am going to try and follow this workout to the T. The goal is to move you to do 100 consecutive, good form push-ups in a row (emphasis on the good form part!) I’ll let you all know how it works out (literally!). Thanks to “John the Methodist” for giving me the idea.

I must say, confessionally speaking, that I could only eek out 23 good form push-ups for my initial test. Kind of depressing. Oh well … now that part is done, I will start in on Monday of next week. Guess blogging about it will help me be accountable? (yeah, right …)