How do I love thee, Durham?

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>I love Durham. I have lived here now for over 15 years: four while I was in Divinity School (90-94) and the last eleven (97 – 2009) since I was appointed back here by Bishop Marion Edwards to help start what later became Reconciliation United Methodist Church.

“How do I love thee … let me count the ways …” is the take this former Durham resident and Duke student used to write about her shared love of the city. Hat tip: Derek Brown!

If that doesn’t do it for you … a few food blogs like Carpe Durham (revealing some of the best dives) or CookingEatingDurham (for the finer things) … should be sure to get you salivating for some food done Durham-style.

And if you are still wondering … take a look at one of my new favorite’s – the Durham Magazine that was started last year. They now have an online calendar of music, art, and other Durham happenings.

And finally – if you still remained unconvinced how great Durham is then this video – complete with some good ole’ Bull City Blues – should help you out. If this doesn’t do it for you, you are beyond help.

Sorry Cary … Raleigh … Chapel Hill … Durham is the place to be.


  1. >As for loving Durham – I fell in love with a new place today – The Cosmic Cantina. Do you know this awesome diamond in the ruff on 9th Street? WOW!

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