Here is a recent article written by Natalie Gott, who recently visited at Reconciliation UMC. She reflects on how the church today is called to welcome immigrants.

I particularly found these “Questions to Consider,” located on the website article’s side bar, helpful ones to ponder and pray over for anyone interested in muliticultural and cross-racial ministry:

  • Does the presupposition that multiculturalism happens when others flow into white institutions further perpetuate white cultural dominance? Why not whites joining immigrant or ethnic institutions?
  • What theological convictions and ecclesiological practices are foundational for churches desiring to become multicultural? Is it necessary to first name and wrestle with stereotypes and power dynamics inside and outside of the church?
  • Churches often worry about alienating current members when seeking to attract new ones. This is a legitimate pastoral concern, but what does it say about the proclamation and witness of the church that members default to considerations about their own alienation and discomfort?