How appointments are made in North Alabama

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>Ok, so I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this: a bishop posting an online video explaining a new approach to how appointments are going to be made.

At first, it didn’t sound like much new (ie. “we are going to make mission the priority” – is this not what the UMC has been saying “on paper” and “in theory” for quite some time?) … but then … there were specific statements that seemed to put ladder-climbing, salary, and seniority on notice.

Two other things of interest:

1) North Alabama has come up with a “First 90 Days” plan for every new appointment. (I am interested in what this might look like) and

2) Moving pastors meet with triads – three District Superintendents rather than one.

The page that explains this is here. The video is below. I will be interested in seeing how these changes are received and implemented. Whether or not folks like these shifts or not – with so many of our bishops and conferences changing the way things are done with little or no explanation, it is refreshing to at least see attempts like this to open up the process and share how decisions are being made. Clergy morale might still suffer for those who tend to do more hand-wringing then others, but I have a suspicion that the majority of our UM clergy would prefer for leadership to shoot straight so everyone knows whats up, where they stand, and what direction the conference and larger connection is headed in.

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